Field Trip to Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum

Jul 8, 2022 | 0 comments

Saturday March 25, 2022  marked the field trip to the Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum in Tucson, Arizona. Just as we were all getting comfortable checking out the amazing collection in the beautiful glass cases with outrageously gorgeous specimens, I began to hear familiar voices outside of our West Valley Rock & Mineral Club. I saw Les Presmyk, Jeff Scovil, Alex Schauss, and so many others; I began to wonder if it was someone’s surprise birthday! When Shirley Cote and Doug Duffy walked towards me to say hello I knew something was up! We didn’t plan it; but Saturday March 25 was also a book signing for the Fourth Edition of Mineralogy of Arizona.

West Valley Rock and Mineral club members



It was impressive to see that other institutions like Wells Fargo Bank had contributed to the collection with their collection of gold bullions. There are historic artifacts as well like the first piece of copper ore with a hand written note by George Warren (spokes model for the Seal of Arizona) mined in Bisbee, Arizona.


It is really cool that you can take photos of everything at the museum. Plan on 3 days to take it all in! I did recognize many of the specimens from when they used to be on displayed at the Flandrau Museum on the U of A mall BEAR DOWN! all my rock and gem friends looked much more captivating with better lighting and more space!


It is easy to like what you see here!

Mineralogy of Arizona 4th Edition

Most visitors were proudly carrying the latest Fourth Edition of Mineralogy of Arizona and standing in line waiting to have autographs from rock and gem superstars Raymond W. Grant, Ronald B. Gibbs, Harvey W. Jong, Jan C. Rasmussen, and Stanley B. Keith.