join the club

West Valley Rock and Mineral Club is open to all ages. Adults $15 | Couples $20 | Junior $5 

Please mail membership payment to:

West Valley Rock & Mineral Club
P.O. Box 1038
Buckeye, Arizona 85326

Collecting Information 

Limit collecting to a reasonable amount of specimens per BLM or other regulations.

If you dig a hole, fill it in.

National Forest: A handful of specimens is allowed but can not exceed 10 lbs.

No Collecting Allowed:
National Parks, National Historic Sites, Wilderness Areas, Arizona State Trust Lands.

Arizona State Park Rules:
A person may not deface, injure, destroy, take or use: public facility, property, wildlife, animals, plants, archeological, geological or historical objects.

Native Plant Law in Arizona:
Arizona law prohibits digging, shooting, taking: including skeletons, seeds, flowers and more.