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West Valley Rock and Mineral Club is open to all ages. Adults $15 | Couples $20 | Junior $5 

  • The West Valley Rock and Mineral Club Waiver of Liability MUST be signed to attend Club activities, Club events or Club field trips. A copy of the signed Waiver of Liability will remain on file at WVRMC. Membership required to participate in club activities, club events, and club field trips. All members must also sign a permanent waiver of liabilty. Membership includes entry into WVRMC Rock and Gem Show. Dues are not prorated. Submission of this application covers all members listed on this form. By submitting this application you agree to abide by all WVRMC membership rules and fees.

If the online form above isn’t working, please download and mail in the fillable PDF using the button below.

Please mail membership payment to:

West Valley Rock & Mineral Club
P.O. Box 1038
Buckeye, Arizona 85326

Collecting Information 

Limit collecting to a reasonable amount of specimens per BLM or other regulations.

If you dig a hole, fill it in.

National Forest: A handful of specimens is allowed but can not exceed 10 lbs.

No Collecting Allowed:
National Parks, National Historic Sites, Wilderness Areas, Arizona State Trust Lands.

Arizona State Park Rules:
A person may not deface, injure, destroy, take or use: public facility, property, wildlife, animals, plants, archeological, geological or historical objects.

Native Plant Law in Arizona:
Arizona law prohibits digging, shooting, taking: including skeletons, seeds, flowers and more.